What’s THES?

It was a normal day in January 2020, and we were commenting on the terrible news that came simultaneously from various parts of the world on human rights abuse in the name of the capital and the natural environment being destroyed in deference of consumption.
In the previous year we had repeatedly asked ourselves, how can we reverse the planet’s course to evade catastrophe.

When would humanity realise what we are facing?
When would we decide to intervene in favor of nature by restoring its priorities?
When would society resume devoting its energies to purposes that would ensure the well-being of all and not just a few?
And above all: How could we have let this happen?

Certainly there is a need for the commitment of many, if not all.
But can this commitment be enough to achieve the final result?
We don’t think so.
Because that commitment must be focused not only on the obvious final goal (protecting everyone’s rights and saving the planet from catastrophe), but firstly, on the initial goal.
And that initial goal is Awareness.

Awareness is essential to make everyone conscious of the past mistakes, alert to the present damage, and mindful of the future danger.
Noam Chomsky says: “the general population doesn’t know what’s happening, and it doesn’t even know that it doesn’t know”.
This is where we have to start.
Allowing everyone to access clear information and powerful messages that enable them to become aware of the issues.
From that precise point we can begin to act.
Action devoid of that awareness will always be devoid of enthusiasm, and therefore ineffective. In essence, producing a dangerous diversion that will make us think we are doing the right thing and that things will be well again soon, therefore telling us a lie; a beautiful and deadly lie.

This is why our project is built around the primary idea of informing people and providing them with the cognitive tools so that we can face these difficult challenges together.
Not through people, not in spite of people.
But together with people.

We want to create a Community of People working through Arts, Science, Journalism and Business about worldwide issues related to the Rights of Human Beings and the Rights of the Planet.
We want that Community to help individuals, organisations, governments and companies realise the need for change, the need for action so that they can thrive in their own changes, their own actions. And we want to cover every single aspect of these primary topics, allowing people to contribute naturally in whatever way they feel valued.

We invite you to take part in our amazing adventure, anytime and however you feel.
The Human Exploring Society is a place for you.

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