Will you stand up?

The purpose of our action is a story of Knowledge and Courage…
The scale of the emergency we are facing, for both humans and the environment, has reached levels never seen before.
ScienceGovernmentsMedia and Activism are the main actors on the stage of the Planet, yet the audience are struggling to understand who is playing the role of good or evil in this complicated and overwhelming story.

This happens because too often the words preached by most of the actors are astutely incomprehensible, the moves they make are surprisingly coded and the moral they give is intentionally misleading.
They continue to tell the same story and only when you as a spectator feel you’ve caught the meaning, they once again change the words, the moves and the moral.
It becomes the same story that never looks the same.
And in the end, the audience, you, feel powerless, anxious and weak.

Until the moment you realise you aren’t just an audience but individuals.
Until the moment you realise you aren’t forced to stay seated and silent.
Until the moment you realise that some of you have gone and are missing.
Until the moment you visualise the theatre catching on fire.
You need to stand up.
You need to stop the play.
You need to rescue yourselves.
And You need to save the theatre.

Do it now.

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