One World is never enough…

We have one planet: the one you’re currently sitting on whilst reading this.
Just this one planet we call Earth, nothing else.
Not a second one, not a third one, not even a half or a tenth more. Just this one.
But it seems we behave like we have more than that.
We behave like our Earth is not enough… And this is no longer acceptable.

According to the 2021 Edition of the Global Footprint Network National Footprint and Biocapacity Accounts, on an annual basis, we are using 1.71 Earths.
In other words: humanity currently uses 71% more resources than what can be regenerated by nature.
Do you think that is sustainable?
Maths says not, and scientists are continuing to warn governments to stop the race to overproduction and begin to repair the damage we have inflicted on our Planet since the moment consumerism prevailed over any other value.

Ironic, no? All over the world, the rule of Capitalism relies on the numbers of the Domestic Gross Product for stating who is wealthy, while the same numbers are saying that nobody is healthy!
Do you think this is unbearable?
Wait until you see the next data…

That previous information, in fact, is based on a worldwide average: If everyone continues to live as we do, we will need almost an entire, additional planet to survive (three quarters more).
But, more precisely, what if we all lived following the lifestyle of some of our “wealthiest” countries?
Well, if we all lived like China we would need 2.7 Earths.
Like the United Kingdom or like Italy? 2.2 Earths.
Russia? 3.2.
Australia? 4.1.
And if we all lived like the United States of America we would need 5 Earths.
And so on, up to Qatar, who need 9.2 planets to live their lifestyle…

This is insane.
And it doesn’t make any sense, above all, if you consider that some people choose not to respect the Environment or Human Beings, whilst others pay that price of overexploitation with diseases and poverty.
If we all lived like Palestine, we would use half of the Planet

So please, take your time to think about all of this and spread it with groups, organizations and individuals who need to know it in order to make the changes our Earth is waiting for.
Thank you for sharing!

Thank you to Global Footprint Network, an NGO that is helping the world to be sustainable and respond to climate change delivering scientific insights for driving high-impact policy and investment decisions.

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