Hands off Cuba!

There is nothing spontaneous and even less free, in the demonstrations that took place in Cuba. The ongoing operation against Cuba is the application of the manual of the “soft coup” by Gene Sharp, the former CIA agent who determined the change of the US coup strategy in the elaboration of a permanent destabilization in all the countries where Washington believes a change of regime is practicable, replacing the one chosen by the voters of the different countries with one decided by the US economic and political establishment.

After Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia, the US has decided that the time is ripe to deeply destabilize Cuba as well, hoping that the conditions for an uprising are in place. Convinced that the departure of Fidel and Raul has reduced the social and political cohesion of the island, Miami and Washington have launched the “regime change” operation.

With that in mind, they have increased beyond all infamy the measures against the island and, ignoring the appeals of the United Nations Secretary General, Gutierres and Pope Francisco, as well as the vote on the blockade of the UN General Assembly, they have decided to further push the criminal pressure on the socialist island. They have prohibited US companies and all those operating on the international dollar market from providing Cuba with lung ventilators and syringes, necessary to combat Covid 19 and to vaccinate the population with one of the five vaccines that Havana has already tested.

Preventing the purchase of lung ventilators and the administration of vaccines means condemning ill people to death and preventing the healthy ones from being saved. Preventing Cuba from circulating its vaccines for free instead, ensures that profits and patents remain with Big Pharma and that Cuba does not gain further international credit. In short, the attempt is to bring the country to its knees and reduce international praise for Cuba’s health policy, as well as to obtain a coveted scalp that has never even been dreamed of as a political crisis on the island.

It is impossible for the U.S. dream to come true: first of all, the Cuban government enjoys substantially unchanged popular support and, despite an extremely difficult situation, the data presented by Cuba in the fight against Covid-19, continues to be among the best in the world. With a population of 11,333,483 inhabitants, the number of infected is 218,396 and the victims represent 0.65 of the confirmed cases. A completely different story in Miami, where despite having all the means of health and money, the death rate is much higher: 1.28. There have already been 37,895 deaths in Florida alone; the metropolitan region of Chile with just over seven million inhabitants had 17,377 deaths (2.62%), not to mention Rio de Janeiro, where with 6,748,000 inhabitants the deaths were 56,321, equal to about 5, 78 of the confirmed cases. And there is no need to be happy in Madrid either, because with 6,752,763 inhabitants they had 739,000 cases and 15,469 deaths, or 2.09% of confirmed cases. Humanitarian aid should go to Brazil or Ecuador, not Cuba. It is difficult to envisage humanitarian aid for those who know how to help themselves and, indeed, help others.

The line with which Trump first and Biden now, lash out against the socialist island, is called ferocity. There are no examples in history of such criminal cruelty, with the exception of Nazi-fascism, but it is no coincidence that the 243 measures taken by Donald Trump to tighten a noose around Cuba’s neck have been almost entirely confirmed by Joe Biden. There are no appreciable differences between the two, one belonging to the financial establishment and the other to the US political establishment. They act in unison precisely because it is believed that the right conditions exist to attempt a lunge that repays all the humiliations suffered from 1959 to today.

Moreover, both have left the U.S. policy in Latin America to Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Diaz Balart, or the political face of the American Cuban mafia terrorism to which for decades has been assigned the presidency of the powerful Foreign Commission of the Senate as a gallery from which to pass the worst crimes to the subcontinent. By controlling the votes in a crucial state for elections, they enrich themselves with federal funds and human trafficking funds from Cuba to Florida, as well as local and federal orders on highly profitable businesses. A cup of hatred with which to enrich oneself, the true summa of the American dream.

What really happens?

Despite the story told by the Western mainstream media, which as always give the version that the U.S. government wants to give, the gatherings in some places on the island, while representing a novelty, cannot be defined as a problem, if anything, a nuisance. They are made up in some cases by dozens and in others by several hundred demonstrators, while demonstrations in support of the government count on numbers tens of times higher. Except that the former are inflated with video montages, the latter are not even given news. They demonstrate against the “dictatorship”, which raises a common sense problem: if it were a dictatorship they could not demonstrate.

Numbers are not a fact to be underestimated in analyzing events: the dimension of the protests, in fact, cannot be separated from the recognition of their value. The difference between a demonstration organized by groups linked to the U.S. initiative on the island and a popular demonstration lies exactly in its different dimensions.
If, in fact, thousands of people take to the streets against the government, there is a very good chance that that government has lost all consensus, while if there are a few hundred the conspiratorial and exogenous dimension of the protests will be more evident. Telling the lie of anti-government oceanic demonstrations, taking photos of marches on the waterfront in Cairo, Egypt and passing them off as demonstrations on the Havana malecon, serves precisely to strengthen the international media, political and financial push necessary to try Cuban political order.

Putting the truth back in its place is a mandatory exercise for anyone who wants to do Journalism. Those registered in Cuba are not manifestations of the opposition, which does not exist either as a political aggregate or as a program; instead they are ideological manifestations conceived and organized from outside, that is, by the United States. It is no coincidence that the anti-socialist slogans and the stars and stripes flags displayed are the graphic code of these meetings. It is also weird that demonstrations portrayed as protests against the difficulties of daily living and healing take place under the flags of those who, since 1961, have prevented even a single tablet of paracetamol from entering the island. The situation on the island is difficult, but the people who took to the streets protesting against the food crisis affecting the country pretend to forget that the cause of this is attributable in all respects to the U.S. blockade.

Who is funding this marketing of dissent?

Protesters shout a lot, especially under Cuban consulates and embassies abroad, whereas in the cities of the island they don’t dare to do so. The reason for displaying so much ideological hatred and U.S. flags is simple. They come mostly from Florida, as well as from USAID and NED funds. The U.S. government annually allocates $ 27 million in its budget for this purpose.

An example of the fake news spread by Western media against Cuba.

In the name and on behalf of the U.S. Government, the direction of the protests was entrusted to Rosa Maria Payà, owner of the Cuba Foundation for Pan-American Democracy association, a far-right NGO funded by US government institutions and private US and European foundations. Its foundation is the intellectual owner of the “Cuba decide” brand, which appears in every anti-government demonstration in Cuba and abroad. Ms. Payà is particularly loved in American and European fascist circles where she loves to be photographed with the worst tools of the Latin American, American and European right and who distributes prizes to the elite of international fascism through ridiculous shows. The one assigned to the member of the European Parliament Hermann Tertsch, a well-known segregationist and leading exponent of the Spanish Nazi party Vox, is enlightening.

Ms. Payà’s political autonomy is non-existent: as far as the U.S. is concerned, it is Miami and the Cuban American mafia who support her actions and guide her with strings as their puppet, while in Europe it is the Spanish fascists who manage it. Among these, another awarded by the Rosa Maria Payà Foundation, the member of the European Parliament Leopoldo Lopez Gil, father of Leopoldo Lopez, the Venezuelan Nazi who heads Juan Guaidò, the fake president nominated with a twitter by Mike Pence, Trump’s former vice President at the White House.

The Miami plan

What the CIA is plotting is a plan that provides for the declaration of a state of emergency in some Cuban provinces, in particular in Matanzas. And if in the rallies the slogan is “Cuba decides”, the hashtag used via Twitter is that of “SOS Cuba” and is spread by some of the most well-known producers of trolls in Spain and Latin America. The rallies, which are neither mass nor spontaneous nor in good faith, serve the internal application of the coup project. Behind the humanitarian aid there is in fact the attempt to overthrow the government. The project is identical to the one that was unsuccessfully attempted against Venezuela and Nicaragua: to establish a humanitarian emergency that would involve international organizations, real or fake, to give a framework of legitimacy to a direct intervention by the United States, supported by other Latin American armies that are in any case under Washington’s orders, such as the Colombian, Chilean and Brazilian armies. The “humanitarian aid” operation consists in the attempt to move troops and the assassination of the president of Haiti by a commando of Colombian and US assassins, could prove functional to the project, given the imminent arrival of US troops in Port Au Prince , located a few miles from Cuba. Having a further asset against the socialist island could prove extraordinarily useful for coup projects.

What can you expect?

In Washington, Miami and Madrid are dreaming with the overthrow of the Cuban government, of course. But Cuba, despite the difficulties of the moment, is solid both from a political and a social point of view. Cuba has children who love her and who defend her. It does not mean that everyone is happy, only that they know what would await them if they succumbed to the annexationist lure of those who have been trying to destroy the island and those who live there for sixty years.
No Cuban, not even the most naive, is unaware of what and how many U.S. responsibilities are in Cuba’s failure to develop.
And no Cuban, except a mercenary, believes that his executioner can become his savior.

The author, Fabrizio Casari, is a journalist and director of www.altrenotizie.org.
He has been dealing with foreign policy for about 36 years, with special reference to the Latin American area but also with attention to the Middle East.
In 2017 he wrote a book called Nicaragua, the last revolution.

Cover photo “La Habana” by Claudia Regina – Creative Commons BY – SA 2.0 license.

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