The climate crisis is just a puzzle

The solution to the climate crisis is a multi-faceted process.
The climate crisis is like a puzzle, you can’t solve it without having all the pieces tied together. And you need all of them… Absolutely all of them…
And that includes cutting emissions from agriculture by adopting sustainable farming practices… It entails switching to renewable and nuclear fission ( and fusion, when it is ready and a viable and practically feasible solution for energy generation) to meet our energy needs… Also, it includes exponentially reducing emissions from transportation, including the aviation industry, by switching to electric vehicles and buses, using biofuel for airplanes, and completely stopping the tens of thousands of gas-guzzling, planet-destroying, soul-sucking, people-killing, taxpayer-dollars-funded military jets, planes and other forms of aircraft which are used to kill people.

Lastly, we as people, have a part to play, we should and must, reduce our meat consumption, use bicycles or electric buses (if available in our country, state, or neighborhood) and travel less (especially, overseas, as that, would require an airplane), eat locally-produced food and educate people and raise awareness about the climate crisis.
If we do all of this, then, and only then, I can guarantee and assure you 100%, we would be doing ourselves a favor – we would be, quite literally, saving the human race from extinction! And, that’s how you save the human race, by saving the very planet it lives on. Simple as that… It’s not easy but it is attainable and definitely feasible, if, and only if, we all come together to address the crisis, by working together as one species.
We are one! Hand in hand we can overcome any crisis that threatens our very existence and long-term survival!

Music video created in memory of those who have fought and died for Climate Justice!

Politicians are being inhibited by international pressures and diplomacy limitations. In other words, the 4 pillars of world change: unwise hostile politics are rife with grudges, disdain, and contempt. The broken economic system of the world is one of the most prominent and eminently influential factors in decision-making; public awareness and education system are the last two.

  1. Removal of the fossil fuel industry, influencial lobbyists and flustering politicians incessantly and pesteringly not taking decisive strides in climate action;
  2. Revamping and overhauling of our broken economic system so that it doesn’t just benefit the rich, the stock market, the banks and the government and allows all people to take a breath of fresh air from economic or financial instabilit so that they can really get back to their senses and perceive what’s betiding on Earth.
  3. Raising awareness of the general public through public campaigns i.e. radio programs, TV channels, social media and newspapers along with formidable and revered celebrities from all industries including the movie-making and football industries, etc.
  4. Last but not least, there needs to be a total and comprehensive revamp of the education system so that we are able to raise children who are aware of what is going on in the world, perceptive of what is to come and knowing of what is being done, what must be done and what they, as children can do. We must inform them about what is truly happening and supplement and support the public awareness campaigns which are currently directed only at the adult population. 

To be perfectly clear and emphatic, any attempt to save humanity from extinction or save the planet from calamity will require these 4 pillars to be addressed first.
You can’t solve a crisis without treating it as a crisis and you can’t solve a crisis or any problem without addressing its root causes first. This is how you treat a crisis like a crisis. Albert Einstein once said, “we can’t solve our problems with the same level of thinking we used when we created them”. And that, my friend, is how you solve a crisis, not by directing blame and fanning the flames of hate and division, not only by saying politicians are the problem – that won’t suffice, that’s not effective and it’s not good enough. Please, don’t misunderstand me, I am in no way, shape, or form defending politicians or saying that they’re not guilty. Quite the opposite, they are guilty; guilty of allowing themselves to be coerced/pestered by fossil fuel industry lobbyists, which by the way, had the largest delegation of any party at COP26…

But as the saying goes “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”.

Youssuf Sabek, the author, is an Egyptian blogger, writer, social media activist, student who dedicates his life to serving mankind and saving humanity from extinction.

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