NATO’s propaganda threatens Ukrainians

“We are a warlike people. We like war because we’re good at it. Do you know why we’re good at it? Because we get a lot of practice!”
These are the words of comedian George Carlin, but please, be honest… You read them as if they had been spoken by an established and recognized statesman, and above all you instinctively linked them to a particular country: the United States of America. This is because, objectively, USA spent almost all its 246 years of existence in warfare.

The only 5 consecutive years without a conflict were those of the Great Depression, of course, when they couldn’t keep going with their usual bad behaviors.
They like records, and they hold one in particular: no US President has ever been at peace; all of them have been involved in at least one armed conflict. Most of the military operations launched since the end of World War II have been by the United States.
Furthermore, the US secret services have always organized and financed coups in South American and African countries not aligned with Wall Street economic policies.
There are 208 states in the world, but US military spending alone accounts for 40% of global spending.
Also, it is useful to remind ourselves that the United States has lied about its actions before, during, and after acts of warfare have been committed within all of these countries:

  • Native Americans;
  • Mexico;
  • Philippines;
  • Korea;
  • Vietnam;
  • Cuba;
  • Afghanistan;
  • Nicaragua;
  • Lebanon;
  • Italy;
  • Kuwait;
  • Iraq;
  • Haiti;
  • Bosnia;
  • Sudan;
  • Kosovo;
  • Yemen;
  • Pakistan;
  • Somalia;
  • Libya;
  • Syria.

Why shouldn’t they lie about Ukraine?

In Kyiv, the lies of the US and their NATO allies began to be more influential in 2013, when the legitimate and genuine protests of the population against corrupt President Yanukovych were ignored by the left forces and ridden by those of the far-right, animated and encouraged by the “democratic” West which could finally take revenge for the refusal by the Ukrainian government to proceed with the negotiations for entry into the European Union. These Nazis forces were thus allowed to take power by force through a coup.

Biden, vice president in Obama’s war-oriented presidency, aided by his being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, backed the coup by the far right. Now Biden is happy to continue NATO’s expansionist aims, which we remember being a pact of a military nature between the war powers of the West.
The American armed forces are present in 80 countries with more than 800 bases around the world and they literally surround Russia and China, but the narration of the mainstream media in recent weeks is that the troops moving within their own territory constitute a threat to peace.

Such mainstream media are present in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe and NATO member countries which together account for 56% of world military spending and which consistently talk about Russia (3% of the total) as a terrible threat.
It’s shameful that those media, while on a daily basis highlighting that Russia’s reasons for the potential attack to Ukraine are based on the potential annexation to NATO, they don’t report the fact that from 1991 to 2014 Americans have given 4 billion dollars in military assistance to Ukraine, and from 2014 to present day, 2 billion more. Britains also contributed two million pounds, whilst the Turks have given them drones. Ukraine may not be formally in NATO, but essentially its military involvement is a fact.

Nobody wants to deny the problems and contradictions of the Putin regime in terms of limitations of essential rights and deprivation of fundamental freedoms. On the contrary… The permanent threats of military aggression as well as commercial sanctions have always and in every situation, favored the presence of a “strong man” in command who protects the population from dangers coming from outside.

Also, the European energy crisis, from which Russia seeks to make a profit, is contributing to further exacerbation of the situation. Moscow has limited the gas quotas available for Europe both due to the increase in domestic demand and that of neighboring Asian countries, and to force the German approval of Nord Stream 2; a new gas pipeline that connects it directly to Germany which will punch a serious blow to US energy imperialism.

The data and elements set out above would be enough to understand the situation and the motivation behind the forces displayed in the field, but it is above all the progress of the negotiations (at the level of diplomacy and the media) that reveals the cowardly greed of the NATO forces.
While the statements of the Russian and Ukrainian governments are constantly based on the search for a solution and invite the parties involved to calm down, Western newspapers and TV news exalt the fiery words coming from Washington and London reporting an imminent attack by Moscow, withdrawing their own personnel, creating scenarios of the destruction of the Ukrainian territory due to the impending Russian invasion.

On the contrary, people are not informed and consequently not aware of the terms of the agreement proposed to the NATO countries from the Russian Federation and which we summarize here.

  • Russia and the US shall not use the territory of other countries to prepare or conduct attacks against the other.
  • Neither party shall deploy short-or intermediate-range missiles abroad or in areas where these weapons could reach targets inside the other’s territory.
  • Neither party shall deploy nuclear weapons abroad, and any such weapons already deployed must be returned.
  • Both parties shall eliminate any infrastructure for deploying nuclear weapons outside their own territories.
  • Neither party shall conduct military exercises with scenarios involving the use of nuclear weapons.
  • Neither party shall train military or civilian personnel from non-nuclear countries to use nuclear weapons.

You can read the proposed agreement here: Agreement on measures to ensure the security of The Russian Federation and member States of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

These are the reasonable peace proposals on the negotiations tables in December which the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, rejected defining them as “nonstarter demands” starting instead that we are now stuck in a dangerous escalation.

Remember, we can avoid war by spreading the simple truth.

This article is licensed under Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0).
Feel free to republish and share widely reporting the author as The Human Exploring Society.

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