“What can we do to take action on the climate crisis?”

This is a question we hear a lot – knowing how to take action as an individual can often feel overwhelming and hopeless.

But an easy way to start is by Reading and Learning about the issues and the stories of individuals & communities who are taking action.

Indigenous peoples and other possible worlds

On 22 April, International Earth Day was once again commemorated. The United Nations (UN) website reflected it by pointing out the need to “make peace with nature”. It cited a scientific report that warns of climate change, mentions “development achievements” and stresses concern for the future. Paradoxically, the proposal comes from the same “rational thinking” […]

The ‘Soft Climate Denial’ of the Biden Administration

In early April, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a global scientific body, issued yet another dire report. They warned that we have barely three years to start cutting greenhouse emissions as rapidly as we need to avoid the worst effects of climate disruption. These scientists put the largest share of the blame on fossil fuels. […]

Finding my place on this fragile planet

The CO2 levels continue to rise, global temperatures increase each year and this planet becomes more fragile. There are more droughts and wildfires around the world, people are fighting over water and this planet becomes more fragile. Fewer birds in the sky, fewer frogs on the ground and this planet becomes more fragile.More ice is […]


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