War + Disarmament

Around the world, there are many wars unfolding at present and we want people to become not only aware of them, but also to demand “No More War“!

Public opinion is also more conscious than ever about the importance of disarmament, but it’s necessary now to push governments into a positive process of stopping funds for arms.

NATO’s propaganda threatens Ukrainians

“We are a warlike people. We like war because we’re good at it. Do you know why we’re good at it? Because we get a lot of practice!”These are the words of comedian George Carlin, but please, be honest… You read them as if they had been spoken by an established and recognized statesman, and […]

The many ways War is poisoning us

War spews hell in all directions. Just ask the guys at Talon Anvil, a secret U.S. “strike cell” recently exposed by the New York Times as a unit with a reputation for ignoring the rules of engagement and killing lots and lots of civilians with drone strikes as it plays war with ISIS. Part of the problem, a […]

Afghan Lessons

The disorderly and daring exit of US troops from Kabul has produced substantially univocal comments about yet another US defeat. That’s it? Of course, the defeat is political and military, but the overall picture is more complex and articulated. The USA, in fact, tried – and failed – to win, but somehow they were even […]

Afghanistan behind the scene

This article explains the reasons for the US withdrawal from Afghanistan and the weakness of internal and international reactions.Reading the newspapers or television reports on the chaos that is unleashing in these hours in Afghanistan, we find only surprise and dismay at what seems to be an inexplicable twist – some even call it betrayal […]

Defund armies, defend People!

Whether there is an economic or health crisis, it does not matter, there is a sector that never knows crises in the world: Warfare.According to the detailed information provided by SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute), an independent agency that collects and analyzes global data on conflicts and armaments since 1966, the global military spending […]

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