Animal Rights

You want to make the world a better place for all beings… So, let’s discover together stories, facts and actions about how to take a stand for animal rights.

Humans and jellyfish can be friends

This last summer was full of numerous encounters between man and the increasing number of jellyfish who live in our seas. In the last decades in fact, we have seen an exponential growth in the number of these animals due to the environmental imbalances induced by the anthropic activities, leading the experts to coin the […]

Is eating meat part of our culture?

‘The greatest influence in the causes of climate change is determined by large corporations.’This sentence is of an absolute and undeniable truth.Yet it can at the same time, and incredibly, represent the most dangerous enemy in the struggle for the protection of our Planet.Why?Because it allows the consciences of each of us, even those of […]


At the beginning of April 2021 Canada’s commercial seal hunt was officially declared open with an allowable catch of 400,000 harp seals, the largest marine mammal slaughter on earth. Every year, roughly half a million seals worldwide are subjected to painful and long lasting deaths; seal hunting is currently practised in ten countries: United States […]

Hey you, killer!

Let’s play a game.Try to answer this question… We’ll see if you know the correct answer or come close to it. How many species are threatened with extinction at the present time? Try to guess a number.A species can be many things: a mammal, a tree, coral, a fungus, an insect, a natural sponge or […]

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