This section is related to the complex physical, chemical, and biotic factors that act upon the wonderful, natural world that surrounds each of us.

We believe that our planet has its own rights and we are all in charge of defending them.


In the 2007 film The Bucket List, the two main characters meet in the hospital. These two men find themselves in the same room after they both have been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. The men begin talking to each other, form a deep friendship and then decide to travel the world during the remaining […]

No action on climate because politicians are too busy playing politics

The problem is that apparently, we don’t realise that what we’re doing is almost futile; they’re making vain attempts at getting the world into order and taking real decisive action on the climate and ecological crises. We could spend a whole decade demanding Climate Justice, in fact, we could spend a lifetime giving a voice […]


It was twelve years ago, with the publication of his book ‘Eaarth: Making A Life On A Tough New Planet’, that Bill McKibben told us that the planet we used to live on is no longer here. McKibben cited the 111 hurricanes that formed in the tropical Atlantic between 1995 and 2008, the sea which […]

Because revolution is a path

The events that dominate the mainstream media and consequently, our exchange of opinions, have never been the ones that really count.In this precise historical moment, despite very high levels of technology, a vast amount of the world population is without fundamental rights and access to water, food, medical care, and education. Never, despite the vast […]


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