How can you help?

What the sick Planet needs from us is an ALERT.
What the weak Human Beings need from us is an ALARM.
You have to act.

Your help is essential: the way you are in this world, the way you educate yourself, the way you speak, the way you buy things, the way you move, the way you interact.

You are involved in all of this.
Everything you do is directly connected to the planet’s future.

So, let’s seize the moment and let’s take action.
Actions that are accessible, consistent and measurable.

Make a difference now!

We know that by getting involved in some or all of the ways we suggest, you can play your part to help our planet, and you can feel a growing sense of achievement by enjoying the benefits to your own wellbeing whilst creating deep, warming connections within a likeminded community.

We will be activating membership subscriptions soon to offer our members exclusive access to offers and promotions from ourselves as well as our fellow eco-friendly, ethical companies…
Write to us and we’ll contact you soon!

For specific purposes, we are building up a series of organized and direct actions involving groups all over the world on community-based organization, setting up dedicated, public and transparent funds (we will only collect monetary funding for our campaigns).

Here you can find a list of our ongoing and completed campaigns.

Then…Why not sign up and make history with us?

Learn It. Live It. Love It.

The Human Exploring Society is a Co-operative Company Limited by Guarantee
Registered in Scotland SC676735