Human Rights

It has become an undeniable fact that we must act fast to protect global human rights. Despite democratic laws and the media trying to cover the main troubles, all over the world some humans, the weakest ones, see their basic rights compromised, restricted, or denied.

Indigenous peoples and other possible worlds

On 22 April, International Earth Day was once again commemorated. The United Nations (UN) website reflected it by pointing out the need to “make peace with nature”. It cited a scientific report that warns of climate change, mentions “development achievements” and stresses concern for the future. Paradoxically, the proposal comes from the same “rational thinking” […]

The fallacy of technological solutions to social problems

Throughout human history, discoveries and inventions have always had a great impact on the way we know and live. But they have also had a powerful psychological effect, often being labelled as miracles or magic. Famous was the invention of Heron of Alexandria, based on his many contributions to the field of mechanics and mathematics, […]

Poland and Belarus: how did we forget the People?

A great in-depth article by Rory O’Keeffe explaining the dramatic situation on the border between Belarus and Poland which is showing the inhumane migration policies not only of the two countries involved but also of the European Union.
Well illustrated by two powerful artworks by Yorgos Konstantinou.

The forgotten People of Tigray

With a population of approximately 7 million people, the war in Tigray has some horrific statistics:150 thousand people killed;2.2 million internally displaced;60 thousand have taken refuge in Sudan (a third of them are children);5.2 million people need food assistance;400,000 are experiencing famine conditions.This genocide is also being conducted through weaponisation of hunger and rape in […]


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