Human Rights

It has become an undeniable fact that we must act fast to protect global human rights. Despite democratic laws and the media trying to cover the main troubles, all over the world some humans, the weakest ones, see their basic rights compromised, restricted, or denied.

Victims of British imperialism share why ‘we will not mourn’ Queen’s death

This is Queen Elizabeth’s legacy. A legacy of colonial violence and plunder. A legacy of racial segregation and institutionalized racism. As millions of Britons and admirers the world over mourned Queen Elizabeth II’s death Thursday, others – especially in nations formerly colonized by the British Empire – voiced reminders of the “horrendous cruelties” perpetrated against them during the […]

We must end the illusion of military dominance

United States military analysts love strategies and the theories behind them. The theories provide what appear to be perfectly reasonable and rational approaches to warfighting, even offering a sense of certainty about the outcome. After all, they’ve been designed with military precision. Authorized personnel at the Pentagon or military think tanks are assigned to create strong, […]

The new NATO Strategic Concept is terrifying

A year ago, in June 2021, NATO informed us that war had changed and that it was no longer being fought with conventional weapons alone, but also through so-called ‘hybrid instruments’ designed for purposes other than war but still functional to the strategy. An example: information is identified as one of these hybrid tools, and […]


Contrary to the false idea that the world is overpopulated resulting in a shortage of resources leading to poverty, well I beg to differ and I would go as far to say that it is not and will never be, overpopulated. First, let’s look at the word ‘overpopulation’. The term itself represents a misrepresentation in […]


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