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With contributions from different authors and different points of view, we want to rise to the challenge of facing the most important issues in politics and investigate the reasons why governments, parties, and grassroots movements make their moves.

NATO’s propaganda threatens Ukrainians

“We are a warlike people. We like war because we’re good at it. Do you know why we’re good at it? Because we get a lot of practice!”These are the words of comedian George Carlin, but please, be honest… You read them as if they had been spoken by an established and recognized statesman, and […]

Why we need a collapse of the economic growth

Given capitalism’s dependence on economic growth, world leaders appear to have blundered in 1994 when they ratified the critical UNFCCC agreement.  As stipulated in the agreement’s objective (Article 2), this committed them to maintaining GHG concentrations at safe levels.  Because these levels were already unsafe (CO2 was at 360 ppm), the only way to achieve […]

100+ BILLIONAIRES Warn Fellow Elites: ‘It’s Taxes or Pitchforks’

A group of more than 100 millionaires and billionaires in January 2022 presented fellow members of the global economic elite with a stark choice: “It’s taxes or pitchforks.” In an open letter published amid the corporate-dominated virtual Davos Summit, 102 rich individuals – including such prominent figures as Disney heiress Abigail Disney and venture capitalist […]

The climate crisis is just a puzzle

The solution to the climate crisis is a multi-faceted process.The climate crisis is like a puzzle, you can’t solve it without having all the pieces tied together. And you need all of them… Absolutely all of them…And that includes cutting emissions from agriculture by adopting sustainable farming practices… It entails switching to renewable and nuclear […]


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