All the choices we make set our own political ideas, so nobody can ignore them or disregard them.

With contributions from different authors and different points of view, we want to rise to the challenge of facing the most important issues in politics and investigate the reasons why governments, parties, and grassroots movements make their moves.

The new NATO Strategic Concept is terrifying

A year ago, in June 2021, NATO informed us that war had changed and that it was no longer being fought with conventional weapons alone, but also through so-called ‘hybrid instruments’ designed for purposes other than war but still functional to the strategy. An example: information is identified as one of these hybrid tools, and […]


Contrary to the false idea that the world is overpopulated resulting in a shortage of resources leading to poverty, well I beg to differ and I would go as far to say that it is not and will never be, overpopulated. First, let’s look at the word ‘overpopulation’. The term itself represents a misrepresentation in […]

Latin American leaders should stand up for People, not American Neoliberalism

Each Summit of the Americas, like the one that took place in Los Angeles June 6-10, offers an opportunity for people from Latin America and the Caribbean to assess the state of unity—or division—in the face of U.S. imperialism and corporate power. This has been the ninth gathering of leaders from across the hemisphere since […]

No action on climate because politicians are too busy playing politics

The problem is that apparently, we don’t realise that what we’re doing is almost futile; they’re making vain attempts at getting the world into order and taking real decisive action on the climate and ecological crises. We could spend a whole decade demanding Climate Justice, in fact, we could spend a lifetime giving a voice […]

Because revolution is a path

The events that dominate the mainstream media and consequently, our exchange of opinions, have never been the ones that really count.In this precise historical moment, despite very high levels of technology, a vast amount of the world population is without fundamental rights and access to water, food, medical care, and education. Never, despite the vast […]


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