Human: We are targeting all human beings.
We will talk to and involve everyone, because this connection we all share, plays the most important role in the changes we need to see.

Exploring’: The way in which we will operate.
All the issues will be investigated deeply in order to encourage everyone to be inspired and have a natural desire to take action.

Society’: Our large, organized community.
Our workers’ cooperative is owned and managed collectively, respectful of all ethical values of democracy, equality, equity and solidarity, non-profit, non-hierarchical, open, voluntary, autonomous and independent.



The idea for The Human Exploring Society was born in 2019 when the founders of the project engaged in some environmental groups and human rights charities, realizing that the most effective, positive change in society that our Planet Earth requires would be more successful if it were implemented in every aspect of people’s daily lives: despite the enormity of the problems, the solutions are in the smallest and simplest moves.

At the end of 2020 that idea became The Human Exploring Society, a Co-operative Company, constantly growing thanks to valuable individuals who are keen to join our Team with the same enthusiasm and worldly views that inspired the ethos of our enterprise.

Climate Curious? Get in touch!

Are you a fun, passionate, hard-working person with creative skills in one of our areas of interest?
Well please don’t send us a CV…

We would much prefer to just talk to you learn all about the things that make you, you!

Be it photos, videos, letters, or anything else you think helps to describe who you are and who you want to become.

We will provide you with further information about the distinctive traits of our plan, how you can contribute effectively, how your work will be compensated, and what the next steps are.